From chief plastic surgeon to expert in true beauty

From chief plastic surgeon to expert in true beauty

From chief plastic surgeon to expert in true beauty

Dr. Sylvia ANgerer

My heart’s desire has always been to bring people to their full potential, to learn to love themselves, to feel alive and fulfilled.
So, after over 20 years as a dedicated and successful plastic & esthetic surgeon, I have put down the scalpel, working now as an expert in true beauty.

How did this happen?

From the beginning of my medical school I knew that I wanted to become a plastic surgeon and worked goal-oriented towards becoming a specialist.

I found the idea of helping people to gain more self-confidence and an improved body image wonderful and specialized further in esthetic surgery.

I tried to make my work challenging, diverse and exciting, working for some years in the United Arab Emirates and climbing up the career ladder. I was already in charge of a large plastic surgery department abroad. Back in Germany I was the chief of a private clinic in Munich for many years.

But I also started to ask myself: Is that all there is to it? There has to be more… more depth, more fulfillment – for me and my patients.

So I continued searching... did multiple trainings among others as a personal and business coach, a shamanic counselor and a Reiki-Grandmaster.

I continued my education in personal development and attended seminars at home and abroad.

Therefore, I learned a lot about myself and saw people and life from different perspectives.

In addition to my job as a medical doctor, this was a wonderful enrichment and allowed me to bring a holistic aspect into my everyday life.

Even though I experienced an increase in the self-confidence of my patients after surgery, I am of the opinion that true transformation can only happen after working on the inside as well.

I want to give as many people as possible the chance to live authentic and liberated lives in this materialistic world. To find their true beauty, in a world so heavily focused on outward appearances.

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